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Inside Super Kind Dreamer

Super Kind Dreamer is a brand for those who believe in themselves, have dreams, fight for one another, and find a way to be free. The most important part of our brand is to let others know there are others like them. This is a pack, and we should come together as one. SKD is about encouraging taking negativity and turning it into something positive.

The Alpha is someone strong and independent. They don't need anyone telling them whether they are right or wrong, and they take all the negative things in their lives and create positive moments out of them. Whether starting a new project, opening a business, or playing sports, these people take the worst parts of themselves and use it to motivate them for greatness.

The Conserved wolf is the laid-back and chilled one. The quiet one who could be on either side. The one who watches and observes everything through both points of view. The middle wolf tries to understand both sides and allows both parties to be who they are while keeping the peace between the two. It is the balance between both worlds of Alpha and Unique. Someone who works hard in the shadows and waits for the right time to shine their light on the world.

The world is different; life is different; I am different. This is the purpose of The Dreamer. I want people to be themselves, whether doing everything or finding that one thing they are good at. It is different; it is abstract, but it is still itself. People will teach you to grow up, but they do not teach you to keep that inner child in you alive. The Dreamer in me comes from most of my family that I love. My family is my pack. We want our consumers to feel welcome and a part of the pack. The SKD Pack media side of the brand is to bring everyone together. For example, someone who produces beats and an artist who sings can work together, or a graphic designer and artist can work together. Many people could help others if they had a platform to see and get to know them and their work.

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